Customers calling DH Valet for our services are subject to availability.

    DH Valet shall not be held responsible for any delays in the arrival of the allocated drivers. This is due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a delay from the previous trip or encounter massive jam.


    By using DH Valet service, you are appointing the appointed DH Valet driver as your authorized driver for the purpose of motor insurance coverage.

    DH Valet management and staffs shall not hold any responsibility for any accident, injury or death to person and damage or loss of the vehicle in the cause of any event.

    DH Valet management and staffs shall not hold any responsibility for any parking fines.

    DH Valet management and staffs will only be responsible for traffic offences caused by the allocated driver due to their negligence.


    DH Valet reserves the right to refuse potential customers or terminate previously accepted jobs without providing reasons. Any threats or abusive acts towards any DH Valet staff will be reported immediately to the Singapore Police Force.

    Customers have to make sure their vehicle is in a fit condition for the safety for both the customers and the DH Valet driver.

    DH Valet reserves the right to amend, delete and/or introduce new terms and conditions to the above. As much as the company will try to update customers on changes, it shall be the responsibility of the customers to update themselves by checking the websites for changes. Employment of our services implies your acceptance of our original and/or updated terms and conditions.